Spore Test Your Sterilizer and Autoclave - Make sure it works

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Spore Testing Kits



Bowie-Dick test card is the size of a credit card. Requires very little storage space. Environmentally safe lead free method for daily monitoring of pre-vacuum steam sterlilzers to detect air leaks, inadequate steam penetration and vacuum pump failures.


SPSmedical is the largest independent steriizer testing laboratory in North America and registerd with FDA. Legal documantation veryifying sterilization has taken place through the death of Bacillus spores is provided with each test.

An in-office BI system certified for use with Steam, EO gas, Chemical vapor and Dry heat. After processing in a normal load, the user aseptically transfers the BI strip into media and incubates at 56°C (Steam/C-vapor) or 37°C (EO gas/Dry heat) for 7 days.







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